Project Overview

EPIIC is an acronym for " Enhanced Pilot Interfaces & Interactions for fighter Cockpit ". The EPIIC project is a pan-European initiative aimed at addressing the challenges of future air warfare and collaborative combat. The EPIIC project aims to enhance air power capabilities and ensure air dominance for the European Armed Forces. By identifying, assessing, and developing innovative and disruptive technologies, the project seeks to address the technological challenges of future air warfare and collaborative combat. The project focuses on creating a symbiotic teaming between systems and pilots, where pilots supervise all manned and unmanned platforms under their responsibility in a complex environment. 

This requires disruptive concepts of human-machine cooperation using new technologies to create a completely immersive environment. To achieve this, the project will develop fighter cockpit-related technologies such as adaptive HMI, innovative virtual assistant interactions, large area display, helmet-mounted display, canopy projection, disruptive crew monitoring systems, and new multi-modal interactions. 

EPIIC consists of more than twenty organizations from twelve European countries, including major industrial companies, university research departments, innovative start-ups, and mid-caps, all striving to achieve European technological autonomy.