Submitted on Tue, 01/31/2023 - 16:32

The EPIIC project, which stands Enhanced Pilot Interfaces & Interactions for Fighter Cockpit, is a new 3-year research project focused to redefine the capabilities of fighter aircraft cockpit avionics. The project was launched with a kick-off meeting in Paris, France in January 2023. 

With a strong focus on symbiotic teaming and advanced technologies, EPIIC aims to empower pilots to effectively manage both manned and unmanned platforms in complex operational environments, ensuring superior air power capabilities and air dominance for the European Armed Forces. 

Bringing together a consortium of over 20 organizations from 12 European countries, including major industrial companies, university research departments, and forward-thinking start-ups, EPIIC is dedicated to achieving European technological autonomy. The project seeks to eliminate dependencies on third-party technologies identified in legacy fighter cockpit avionics, thereby paving the way for self-sufficiency, and enhanced operational capabilities. 

At the core of the EPIIC project lies the development of cutting-edge fighter cockpit-related technologies. These include adaptive Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), innovative virtual assistant interactions, large area displays, helmet-mounted displays, canopy projections, disruptive crew monitoring systems, and new multi-modal interactions. By harnessing these innovative solutions, EPIIC aims to deliver unparalleled situational awareness to pilots, increasing the survivability and effectiveness of fighter aircraft in future conflicts. 

The project is driven by high expectations and a desire to revolutionize the field of cockpit avionics. EPIIC's approach emphasizes disruptive solutions and symbiotic teaming, providing pilots with the tools they need to succeed in complex and challenging environments. Through the deployment of advanced technologies and groundbreaking design concepts, EPIIC strives to set new standards for cockpit avionics and redefine the capabilities of fighter aircraft. 

With the support of dedicated partners and the backing of the aviation industry, EPIIC is poised to revolutionize cockpit avionics and shape the future of air warfare. Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the potential of collaborative combat and achieve technological autonomy. 

Stay tuned for updates, milestones, and insights from the EPIIC project as we embark on this groundbreaking endeavor.