EPIIC Partners INCAS and INDRA Shine at ICCAS 2024

Submitted on Wed, 05/22/2024 - 13:06

The EPIIC consortium is thrilled to announce the successful participation of our partners INCAS and INDRA at the International Conference on Cognitive Aircraft Systems (ICCAS) 2024. The conference took place on May 16-17, 2024, at ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse, France.

Presentation Highlights  
Our esteemed partners presented a groundbreaking paper titled "Advancements in Monitoring Physical Fatigue in Aviation: A Comprehensive Analysis of State-of-the-Art ECG Sensor Technologies." This significant contribution underscores the EPIIC project's commitment to advancing aerospace technology and enhancing pilot safety.


Event Details  
The ICCAS 2024 conference provided a prestigious platform for aerospace professionals to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in cognitive aircraft systems. The participation of INCAS and INDRA highlights the collaborative spirit and innovative drive within the EPIIC consortium.

We are proud of our partners from INCAS and INDRA for their exceptional work and dedication. Their presentation at ICCAS 2024 not only reflects their expertise but also the collective efforts of the EPIIC project to push the boundaries of aviation technology. 


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