EPIIC presentation to the 13th EASN International Conference 2023

Submitted on Mon, 10/02/2023 - 12:51

On week 4-8 September, 2023 the aviation community turned its attention to the 13th EASN International Conference that took place in Salerno, Italy. 

Project EPIIC was represented at the conference via our partners from the University of Patras. Titled "Using eye-tracking for adaptive human-machine interfaces for pilots: A literature review and sample cases", this presentation was given by authors Michalis Xenos, Andreas Mallas, and Dimosthenis Minas from project partner UPATRAS. 

The presentation delved into the potential of adaptive interfaces in assisting pilots during critical decision-making moments. The use of eye-tracking technology promises to revolutionize the way pilots interact with their machines, offering improved situational awareness and, most importantly, enhancing overall flight safety. 

The takeaway from this session was clear: the future of aviation lies in the seamless integration of human and machine, where technology serves to amplify human capabilities.