EPIIC Project Featured in Latest EASN Newsletter

Submitted on Wed, 05/29/2024 - 10:54

The EPIIC consortium is excited to announce that the latest edition of the EASN - European Aeronautics Science Network newsletter has been released. This edition prominently features the significant progress made by the EPIIC project, highlighting our innovative strides in advancing fighter cockpit technologies.

EPIIC Project Highlights

The EPIIC project is dedicated to revolutionizing military aviation by developing cutting-edge pilot interfaces and interactions for fighter cockpits. The newsletter provides an in-depth look at our recent advancements and the collaborative efforts of our esteemed partners across Europe. It showcases how we are setting new standards in aerospace technology and enhancing the capabilities of fighter aircraft.

About the EASN Newsletter

The EASN newsletter is a key publication for professionals and stakeholders in the European aerospace community. It offers updates on the latest research, technological developments, and events in the field. Being featured in this newsletter underscores the importance and impact of the EPIIC project within the aerospace sector.

Read the Full Newsletter

We invite you to read the full newsletter to stay informed about the EPIIC project's journey and to explore the latest developments in the European aerospace community. Your support and interest are vital as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in military aviation.

🔗 Read the newsletter here.

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